Krohne Waterflux Series

The Rilsan® liner of the flow sensor is highly resistant to pressure or vacuum, to corrosion and aging. The coating is widely used in the water industry and accepted for potable water applications according to ACS, DVGW, KTW, NSF.  The optional data logger and GSM module allows for remote meter reading and wireless transmission of measurement data and status information.


  • Battery operated, stand alone water meter; Battery life up to 15 years
  • Excellent performance in low flow conditions and over wide flow range
  • Easy installation, no inlet and outlet runs, no filters and bi-directional flow
  • Subsoil installation (IP68 +  coating), Installation in chambers nott required)
  • Maintenance-free operation, no moving parts, no wear and obstruction free
  • Optional, battery powered data logger / GSM module for remote data transfer

Download or View Below Product Literature :

1. WATERFLUX 3000 Technical Datasheet
2. IFC 070 Technical Datasheet
3. IFC 100 Technical Datasheet