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Rosedale Products

Rosedale Products are available in stainless steel (304 or 316), or all plastic (polypropylene) construction. Single basket industrial rosedale filters are available to accommodate all standard size filter bags and a proprietary 5.5 square foot size 12 bag. The multi basket housings are available in sizes from two to twenty three baskets with various optional cover lift davit designs to suit specific needs. Rosedale Products offers“OEM” low price (size 1, 2, and 12) housing with a heavy duty eye nut cover design in carbon steel and stainless steel.

Rosedale Products Types and its Features :

Rosedale Products can include a wide range of optional features such as ASME Code stamp, differential pressure indicators and switches, dual stage filtering and straining, liquid displacers to minimize product loss during basket or bag removal.

Single Basket Housing

Single Basket Housing Details

  • Bag Filter or Strainer Housing
  • Rugged Quick Release Cover
  • ASME Code Stamp Available

Multi-basket Housing

Multi-basket Housing Details

  • Quick Access Cover Designs
  • Bag, Cartridge, Strainer Options
  • ASME, NSF, 2″ – 12″ Pipe Size

In-Line Separators

In-Line Separators Details

  • Solids – Liquids Separator
  • Pipe Sizes 3/8″ thru 20″
  • Flow Rates 6 to 12,000 GPM