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Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Industrial Dynamics Co has over 30 years’ experience in specifying, selling, servicing, and providing NIST calibration service for positive displacement flow meter installations in a wide range of industries. While we offer a broad range of flow measurement technologies, the “tried & true” positive displacement flow meter still has a prominent place in many applications. Equipped with a mechanical register and mechanical auto stop valve along with an optional explosion proof pump interlock switch, these meters are an excellent choice for “stand alone” batching applications, particularly in a hazardous duty area. An existing positive displacement flow meter can usually be retrofitted to include an electronic output for remote display or batching, or to be integrated into a plant logic control system.

Positive displacement flow meters are available in materials of construction and size range to suit a wide range of liquid measurement applications. We are a master distributor for Neptune nutating disc and piston type flow meters, and we are a distributor of Kessler Ellis batching controllers which enables us to provide a complete solution for most batching applications with a minimum amount of field set up required by our customers. Whenever you contact us with your flow measurement requirement, you can be assured that we will recommend an approach to suit your system requirement and your budget.

Tuthill FPP Oval Gear

Tuthill FPP Oval Gear Details

  • Simple Oval Gear Design
  • High Accuracy – High Pressure
  • Low Upkeep – Two Moving Parts

Istec / Aqua Metro

Istec / Aqua Metro Details

  • Very Low Flow Rates
  • Totalizers with outputs
  • Burner & Boiler Feed, Dosing

Total Control Systems

Total Control Systems Details

  • 0.2 – 600 GPM Flow Range
  • Various Metallurgies to suit
  • Many Registration Options

Neptune T.G. Water Meter

Neptune T.G. Water Meter Details

  • Inexpensive Water Totalizer
  • Cold Clean Water Service
  • Pulse, Analog outputs Available

Type “S-HP” Series

Type “S-HP” Series Details

  • Hi-Pressure to 5,000 PSI
  • Inks & Hi-Viscosity liquids
  • Direct Read Plus Outputs

Type “S” Series

Type “S” Series Details

  • Proven Rugged Design
  • P.D. Nutating Disc Type
  • Bronze Construction

Neptune Flow Meters – MP Series

Neptune Flow Meters – MP Series Details

  • Magnetically Coupled
  • P.D. Piston Type
  • Stainless, Cast Iron