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Flow Transmitter

Industrial Dynamics Co offers a flow transmitter option for most flow measurement applications. If you have a new application which will require a flow transmitter, or if you currently have a flow meter with direct read registration, and you would like to upgrade to a transmitting type monitor, contact us for the product recommendation best suited for your specific need. We can provide a flow measurement instrument from a wide range of technologies such as variable area flow rate meters, paddle wheel sensors, positive displacement totalizing meters, vortex shedding meters, electromagnetic meters, coriolis mass flow meters, etc. Any of these flow measurement technologies can be equipped with milliamp or electronic pulse output, or a more sophisticated fieldbus 2 way communication system.

Flow Transmitter Products to Suit Your Applications

We can specify a flow transmitter to provide volumetric, mass, or velocity information as required by your process. This information can be for a simple remote display for a flow meter located in a remote piping area not clearly accessible to the operator, it could be for a “stand alone” batching or blending operation, or it can be for integration into a fully automated process logic control system. Whatever your application happens to be, we can offer a solution to best suit your specific requirement, the equipment operating environment, and your budget.

Burkert 8030 Series

Burkert 8030 Series Details

  • 1/2″ – 2″ Pipe Sizes
  • Quarter Turn Electronics Mount
  • Brass, St Stl, PVC Sensor Fittings

Burkert 8026 ELEMENT

Burkert 8026 ELEMENT Details

  • Versatile “ELEMENT” series
  • Removable Display Module
  • 1/2″-16″ Pipe Insertion Style

Burkert 8036 ELEMENT

Burkert 8036 ELEMENT Details

  • Versatile “ELEMENT” Series
  • Removable Display Module
  • 1/2″-2″, Pulse & Analog Out

Universal LL Series

Universal LL Series Details

  • Piston Series for Low Flow
  • Flow Range 5 GPH -20 GPM
  • 1/8″-3/4″ NPT Pipe Size

Universal SN Series

Universal SN Series Details

  • Small Vane Series
  • Flow Range 2-10 GPM
  • 1/4″-3/4″ NPT Pipe Size

Universal MN Series

Universal MN Series Details

  • Medium Vane Series
  • Flow Range 10 GPM -160 GPM
  • 1/2″-3″ Pipe Size

Universal SX/MX Plastic

Universal SX/MX Plastic Details

  • Plastic Vane Series
  • Flow Ranges 2-160 GPM
  • 1/4″-3″ pipe size

Universal LN Series

Universal LN Series Details

  • Large Vane Series
  • Flow Range 80-500 GPM
  • 1.5″-4″ Pipe Size


UFM Vortex PVC/CPVC Details

  • PVC & CPVC 1/2″ – 2″ size
  • Water, Brine, Corrosive Liquids
  • Analog output 12 – 200 GPM

UFM Vortex Polysulphone

UFM Vortex Polysulphone Details

  • Low Cost, Rugged Design
  • Suitable for Mobile Service
  • Polysulphone / PVDF / Viton

UFM Vortex Brass/St Stl

UFM Vortex Brass/St Stl Details

  • 1/4″ – 4″ size, Low Cost
  • Brass, Stainless, PVC, CPVC
  • LED w/4-20 or pulse output