Neptune Flow Meters – MP Series

Neptune Flow Meters

Neptune Flow Meters is the industry technology and manufacturing leader in positive displacement flow meters and coriolis flow measurement. Meters are available in materials of construction and size range to suit a wide range of liquid measurement applications.

Positive displacement Neptune flow meters

Positive displacement neptune flow meters are available as nutating disc type and magnetically coupled oscillating piston type, with registration and outputs to suit any need from simple direct read totalizing to remote batch control with plant PLC interface. It is not uncommon for customers to inquire about verifying calibration or spare parts for meters having been in service for over 40 years! Neptune’s M-Dot coriolis mass flow meters provide incredible accuracies and can accommodate piping sizes from 0.5” to 8”.

The new NexGen SFT200 mass flow transmitter greatly reduces the overall cost of the metering system in situations where the full capabilities of the NexGen SFT100 are not required, for example, a Modbus environment where multiple meters are monitored by a central processor. The Modbus protocol via RS-485 communicates at standard speeds up to 56.6K baud. Pulse output is also available. This transmitter is configured via a PC with the Neptune NexLink software. Whether it be a tried & true positive displacement flow meter application, a complex coriolis meter application requiring multiple lines of communication, or a combination of both, Neptune Flow Meters can handle the job and can also meet “Custody Transfer” requirements.

Neptune Flow Meters-MP Series

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4. PULSMATE Electronic Register
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9. Parts List for Bronze Auto Stop Valves
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