Liquid Filter Bags

Liquid Filter Bags

Industrial Dynamics Co has been specifying, stocking, and selling liquid filter bags for over 30 years. We offer filter housings in a wide range of sizes, materials of construction, and styles to suit most applications. We have a large inventory of replacement filter bags to suit most manufacturers’ housings, and custom OEM bag styles as well as OEM custom strainer baskets are not a problem for us to provide (most often at a considerable cost savings to our customers). We are a Rosedale stocking distributor, which means that we offer the most innovative line of liquid bag filters available on the market today.

Liquid Filter Bags to Suit Your Applications :

This industry leading line of filter housings combined with our Industrial Dynamics Co competitively priced, high quality, and selection of replacement filter bags provides you with a single source supplier of all your liquid filter bags requirements. We can offer a very competitively priced OEM bag filter housing with heavy duty eye nut cover design (rather than the normal light duty easily damaged clamp cover design) in a size 1, size 2, or the proprietary 5.5 sq ft size 12 housing size. The size 12 bag filter housing is an excellent choice where higher dirt holding capacity at a low cost is desired such as machining coolant or cooling tower filtering applications.

Contact us for a free sample liquid filter bag, or to take advantage of our many years’ experience whenever you need to make a selection for a new filtration application

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