About Us

Industrial Dynamics Co was incorporated in 1984 as a stocking distributor and manufacturers’ representative offering a wide range of flow measurement products, level switches and transmitters, solenoid type, actuated, and control type valves,  and liquid filtration housings and replacement filter bags and cartridges.

Our business has evolved to include complete “systems” responsibility for a wide range of product batching, blending, level control, product “custody transfer” dispensing, ……. etc applications.

We have also fabricated “stand alone” filtration skids with automatic switchover for duplexing applications, and comprehensive automatic backwashing  applications.

We offer complete repair & refurbishment service for mechanical positive displacement flowmeters, and we can “certify” meter calibration with our “NIST” traceable calibration flow loop.

We offer a large product inventory, many years of technical product application support, service – repair – calibration staff, and most importantly…a friendly customer oriented attitude.