Burkert 8036 ELEMENT


Burkert 8036 “ELEMENT” Flow Transmitter
The Burkert Type 8036  transmitter is a compact device, specially designed for measuring the flow rate in solid-free liquids, in a variety of applications (water, waste water monitoring, chemical processing…).
The transmitter is made up of a compact INLINE S030 fitting equipped with paddle-wheel sensor and an enclosure with cover, containing the electronic module. A removable display module completes this Se36 transmitter assembly.
The SE36 transmiter is quickly & easily connected to S030 fitting by a Quarter-Turn.
The flow transmitter can operate without the display, but it will be required for programming the transmitter (i.e. set parameters, restore default parameters, program information to be displayed, program access codes, adjust 4-20 mA
outputs, etc. and also for visual indication.
The 8036 assembly is available with 2, 3, or 4 programmable outputs.

Download or View Below Product Literature :

1. S030 INLINE fitting with paddle-wheel for flow measurement
2. Digital flow ELEMENT transmitter for continuous flow measurement