About Universal Flow Monitors

Universal Flow Monitors (UFM) have been leading the industrial flowmeter market since 1963. The organization has earned the trust of customers in America and abroad by providing variable area flow switches. Over the years, the product inventory has grown, with the addition of flow indication and flow transmitters. Today, UFM designs and manufactures a variety of vane style, vortex shedding, rotameters, and laminar flow element flowmeters for use in various industries. Industrial Dynamics Inc. has the privilege of being the leading distributor for Universal Flow Meters.

UFM’s Product Range
The organization offers customers a variety of air meters, flow sensors, and flow meters for industrial applications. UFM’s product range includes:

  • Compressed Air Meter
  • Insite Transparent Flowmeters
  • Flowstream Mass Gas Flowmeters
  • Insertion Paddlewheel Flowmeters
  • CoolPoint Vortex Shedding Flowmeters
  • Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Sensors
  • Vane and Piston Variable Area Flowmeters
  • Rocon Resistance Welding Tip Loss Flow Monitors

UFM Product Offerings from Industrial Dynamics
As UFM’s distributor in the United States, Industrial Dynamics offers the following products to US customers:

  • Flowstream Mass Gas Flowmeters (UFM Flowstream): This product is designed to monitor clean, dry, non-corrosive, non-condensing gasses. It comprises a mass flow output, and can be adjusted to specifications like pressure and temperature. The flowmeter is designed to provide uniform accuracy of 1% at full scale, and can be provided in a variety of outputs. Industrial Dynamics also offers waterproof gas flowmeters.
  • Insite Transparent Flowmeters (Universal Insite Series): This flowmeter can be used to measure air or water directly from calibrated pressure and temperature. The calibration is set at 90 PSI and 70oF. Correction factors can be applied if the flowmeter is used in applications where the pressure and temperature is different. The flowmeter can be equipped with electric switches, or switch kits. These can be used to trigger a signal when the flow rate is within the range of the meter.
  • Piston Variable Area Flowmeters (LL Series): These rotameters are designed to establish a low flow rate. The flowmeter consists of an orifice, which is positioned over a tapered shaft to measure the flow rate. The device also consists of an all-mechanical sensing system, which drives the switches, pointers, and transmitters. The LL Series can be calibrated to measure a fluid with a particular level of viscosity. Output readings can be displayed either visually or electronically. Visual displays include either pointer scales, or digital numeric LCDs. Electronic displays include 4-20 mA analog, a mechanical switch closure, or both.
  • Vane Variable Area Flowmeters: As with the piston flowmeters, the vane flowmeters also consists of the mechanical sensing system. They can be calibrated to measure fluids of any viscosity. Industrial Dynamics provides the following vane series:
    • SN Series: This is the small vane series, which comprise rotameters with a spring based semi-circular vane. The designs allows the vane open wider and with more flow. The flow range of the SN Series is from 2 to 10 GPM.
    • MN Series: This is a medium vane series. The flow range of this series range between 10 and 160 GPM.
    • LN Series: This is largest size in the vane series. The difference between this product and the previous vane devices is that the LN Series consists of a spring loaded swinging vane. Generally, the swinging vane is manually operated with a factory supplied wrench. The vane is used to adjust switch points; it can also be used to free the vane if it gets lodged due to fluid debris. The flow range of the LN Series is between 80 and 500 GPM.
  • SX/MX Plastic: These are small vane-style flow transmitters, primarily used to measure the flow of acids, seawater, corrosive fluids, deionized water, and caustics. As the name suggests, these transmitters are constructed using thermoplastic materials, including PVC, Tefzel, and Polysulphone. They also consist of a variety of internal metal components and fittings.
  • UFM Vortex PVC/CPVC: These are plastic vortex shedding flow rate transmitters. They are intended to be used for applications that comprise water, brine, and corrosive and low viscosity fluids. The vortex transmitters comprise a seal-less design, and provided simple and robust operation. The body of the transmitter is made either from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC). They allow for easy installation, and are economical.
  • UFM Vortex Polysulphone: This flowmeter is specifically designed for concrete trucks. This application involves either an intermittent or a continuous flow of water. It consists of no moving parts, and is operated via cabling. The flow bodies are designed using either brass or Polysulphone. The sensors are constructed using Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), along with standard Viton seals.
  • UFM Vortex Brass/ Stainless Steel: This type of vortex shedding flowmeter comes under the CP & CT Series. This flowmeter is designed to measure fluids such as water, coolant, glycol, or low viscosity fluids. The device can be provided in brass, plastic, and stainless steel. It does not consist of any moving parts, hence the possibility of clogging, and wear and tear is eliminated. The primary enclosure is rotatable, allowing the user options in terms of orientation. The flowmeter can be provided with an optional temperature transmitter.