About Neptune Technology Group

Neptune Technology Group Inc. is among the oldest organizations in America, specializing in developing utility management systems since 1892. The first company to provide lead free bronze meters, today, Neptune provides a wide range of products to industrial customers. These include strainers, residential backflow meters, commercial or industrial compound meters, and high performance turbine meters. The company also provides encoder registers and advanced water metering software. In addition to this, Neptune offers fire service products such as fire hydrant meters, and water and turbine meters.

Neptune T.G. Product Range
Neptune provides its products in two categories – meter reading systems and water meters.
Water Meters: This category is further divided into residential, commercial/industrial, fire service, registers, and metering accessories.

  • Residential: Aquity® Meter , Double Check T-10® Backflow Meter ,T-10® Meter
  • Commercial/Industrial: Strainers ,TRU/FLO® Compound Meter ,HP Turbine Meter
  • Fire Service: Fire Hydrant Meter, HP Fire Service Turbine S Meter ,HP PROTECTUS® III S Fire Service Meter
  • Registers:E-Coder®) R900i™, E-Coder®) R450i™ ,E-Coder® Solid State Absolute Encoder ,ProRead™ (ARB® VI) Absolute Encoder
  • Metering Accessories: TRICON®, FLOSEARCH® II System, TRICON/E®3 Transmitter ,TRICON®/S Register ,TRICON® SmartTrol™ Instrumentation

Meter Reading: This category consists of automatic meter reading systems. These provide solutions for various requirements from manual reads to mobile to full-scale fixed network systems.

  • R450™ System
  • R900® System
  • The N_SIGHT™ Software Suite (AMI and AMR Software): N_SIGHT™ Host Module , N_SIGHT™ PLUS Host Module and N_SIGHT™ IQ Intelligent Data and Analytics

Neptune Products Provided by Industrial Dynamics
As one of the premium distributors of Neptune Technology products, Industrial Dynamics offers the following products to customers across the United States:

  • T-10 Cold Water Meter: Also known as the Neptune T.G. water meter, this product is designed and manufactured with nutating disc technology. This gives it an advantage over static and mechanical type meters, as it has the capability to detect leaks at extremely low flow rates. This meter comes under the category of positive displacement meters. These meters consist of a register, a floating chamber, and a nutating disc measuring chamber. These are encased by a leadless copper alloy casing. The register can be mounted in four different ways on the meter.
  • Neptune High Performance Turbine: Also known as the HP Turbine, this product is known to provide the highest flow ranges. It is specifically designed for moderate to high flow rate applications, such as processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and custody transfer applications. The design of the turbine consists of a leadless copper alloy enclosure, a roll-sealed register, and a Unitized Measuring Element (UME). The turbine is corrosion resistant, light weight, and features a compact design. The HP Turbine water meters meet or exceed the performance and accuracy requirements of the AWWA C701 Standard.