Neptune Itron Mass Flow

Neptune Itron Mass Flow


The m-dot coriolis series of meters provide accurate, continuous, direct measurement of mass, density, temperature and percent solids over a wide flow range, 3/8″ – 8″ connection size.



Patented dual omega-shaped tubes provide outstanding sensitivity to Coriolis forces. mass flow accuracy is ±0.10% with the NexGen transmitter and ±0.15% with the Datamate 2100. The flow rate repeatability is ±0.10%.


The transducer is more sensitive to Coriolis forces than conventional mass flowmeters, providing a greater mechanical gain. Fluid velocity requirements are much lower to produce a given signal. This results in a lower pressure drop and unequaled 100:1 turndown. Therefore, accuracy never has to be compromised to obtain an acceptable pressure drop.


The smooth-bore, non-obtrusive flow path is free from moving parts, seals and bellows. The omega shapes produce torsional loading instead of bending loading for improved reliability.

• Direct mass, density and temperature measurement
• Weights & Measures approved for custody transfer applications
• Patented omega-shaped flowtubes provide unequaled sensitivity to Coriolis force
• Wide 100:1 turndown
• Lowest pressure drop
• Smooth-bore, non-obtrusive flow path free from moving parts
• 316L stainless steel or optional HASTELLOY® C-22 wetted parts
• 3A-Authorized version available


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