About CPV Manufacturing

Industrial Dynamics is one of CPV’s primary distributors in the United States. CPV Manufacturing has been a pioneer in the engineering and valve industry for a century. They introduced the O-seal system, which revolutionized manufacturing industries. Today, the organization is a leading provider of industrial valves and fittings. The organization’s philosophy is grounded in research and development. The company focuses on how a product will meet a specific application challenge. This philosophy was engrained by the company’s founder Isaiah Engle. The company is well-known for developing unique valve designs for industrial environments with high pressures.

CPV Product Range
To ensure that every product can meet the customer’s needs, CPV has segregated its product range into valves and fittings:


  • Silent Check Valves
  • Relief Valve 157 & 157A
  • Air-Operated Valves (FloMaster)
  • Shutoff, Needle, Check & Relief Valves (O-Seal System)
  • Stainless Steel Shutoff & Regulating Valves (Mark VIII O-Seal)
  • Stainless Steel Valves (Needle, Check & Air Operated, G-Series – Shutoff)


  • U-T Fittings (O-Seal System)
  • Hose Fittings (Mark VIII O-Seal)
  • Flat-Faced Fittings: (O-SEAL System)
  • Direct Braze or Weld Tube Fittings (Mark VIII)
  • Stainless Steel Flat-Faced Tube Fittings (Mark VIII O-Seal)

CPV Products Offered by Industrial Dynamics
As a leading CPV distributor in America, Industrial Dynamics provides three major products to industrial customers:

  • O-Seal Fittings: These consist of O-Seal pipe and Mark VIII tubing fittings. These are used with the O-Seal systems, and are designed to create innumerable end connection configurations. At the heart of the O-Seal system is the CPV O-SEAL O-ring. It is installed in a close tolerance groove, and creates a bubble tight seal in one of the union connections. The fittings support machines that handle extremely strong gases like hydrogen and helium to withstand heavy vibrations and pressure surges. Thus, O-Seal fittings from CPV have the capabilities to provide comprehensive leak-proof connections.
  • G-Series Valves: This also consists of CPV G Series and Mark VIII stainless steel shutoff regulating valves. These valves are primarily used in applications that contain gas panels with extreme vacuum and pressure fluctuations.  The G-Series valves are manufactured with permanent soft stem inserts, which provide bubble tight sealing. They are designed for applications that require durability and consist performance. The wetted parts of the valve are constructed from type 316 stainless steel.

    Depending on the seal material, they can be used for both gas and liquid operations. The Mark VIII system consist of CPV’s revolutionary soft seated valve design. The valve bodies are forged using stainless steel, while all the surfaces that come in contact with water are constructed from type 316 stainless steel. The system can also incorporate flat faced O-ring union end connections. This allows the valves to perform a slip in, slip out operation, which eliminates the need to cut the line for additional valve installation.

  • O-Seal Valves: The O-SEAL System consists of interchangeable tube and pipe fittings. This allows for a variety of end connection configurations, which results in piping and tubing flexibility. The pipes and tubes also have brazed, welded, or threaded connections, which allows the user to dismantle and reassemble the system according to his requirement. Sealing is accomplished with the help of the CPV O-SEAL O-ring, which effectively seals even minute surface voids, thus assuring a leak proof connection.