Burkert Manifold Valves

Burkert Manifold Valves

Burkert Manifold Valves are of different types are as follow :

6014 Series Assemblies

Plug and play, pre-assembled and tested manifold solutions featuring our direct acting 3/2 way normally closed solenoid valve. The burkert monifold valves are plunger operated and designed to work in process environments with double FKM seals and a strong 32mm coil. These small flexible systems are engineered specifically for process compressed air. However Burkert specializes in custom manifolds to suit any fluid purpose from 0.05mm to 4”.

5470 Series Assemblies

Type 5470 includes high switch reliable diaphragm seat valves as 3/2 and 4/2 way version. The burkert monifolded valve consists of three modules, valve body with servo-diaphragm, plungers and seat seal as well as numerous connection possibilities for the service ports 2 and 4. The body and valve internal parts are made of high quality thermoplastic, the Stainless return spring. A 16 mm rocker solenoid valve type 6106 with rectifier is used as pilot. Tag connectors are used as electrical contact (acc. DIN 43 650 Form C) with the cable plug type 2506 or with female connectors on the available valve blocks. The extendable type 5470 can be used for block modules (tag  connectors in front) or for entire valve blocks (tag connectors at the back, coil spacing 19 mm).

8640 Series Assemblies

The 8640 valve unit system is designed to solve diverse and complex control problems due to its systematic modular construction and combination of pneumatic and electrical interfaces. By putting together a row of pneumatic modules with different numbers of valves, 2 to 24 valve functionality may be realized on one valve unit.

Electrical connectivity is achieved by either fieldbus interfaces, common connection (parallel connection technique) or multipole interfaces. The valves allow different applications to be covered. Bodies and connection modules are made of high-quality plastic (polyamide) and are easy to assemble by means of the built-in snap connectors

Download or View Below Product Literature :

1. 8640 Modular pneumatic valve unit
2. Type 5470 HazEx Servo–Assisted, Solenoid Valve – Pneumatic
3. 5470 M 3/2 and 4/2–way Solenoid Valve for pneumatic systems
4. 6014 3/2–way Miniature Solenoid Valve
5. Heavy Duty 3/2 Way Pilot Valve Blocks