8175 Ultrasonic Level

Burkert 8175 SeriesBurkert 8176 Series

Burkert 8175 Series

The Type 8175 is a non-contact filling level transmitter, designed for liquid level or volume measurement in open or closed vessels.

The unit is also suitable for limited use with solids (depending on angle). The unit with the 2 relay option makes it possible to provide alarm messages and to automatically carry out filling and draining procedures.

The device is available in different models:

Compact transmitter with integrated ultrasonic sensor.
• Remote transmitter, for panel- or wall mounting, for connection to the 8170 sensor.

Burkert 8176 Series

The Type 8176 is a non-contact ultrasonic level transmitter, designed for continuous level measurement in open or closed vessels. The unit is suitable for liquids, but also for solids, in virtually all industries, particularly in water and waste water management

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1. 8170/8175 Ultrasonic level transmitter, non-contact
2. 8176 Ultrasonic level transmitter, non-contact