Process Control

Process Control

Florite 990x Series

The Florite Model 990X is an innovative, technically superior, high quality and reliable microcomputer-based controller suitable for any commercial or industrial application. The instruments user configurable screw-terminal channels enable any mix of up to eight inputs and or outputs regardless of the signal type. Unlike standard fixed instrument platforms, any standard sensor signal can be quickly connected directly to the Model 990X allowing the user to select from a vast number of sensor and control products, decreasing the total system cost.

990X Features:    

  • Graphic menu driven navigation
  • Innovative universal i/o channels
  • Batch, blend & PID control
  • Dual totalizers per port, rates and scalar values
  • Onboard data logger
  • Private label ready
  • CE certified

Florite 994 Series

The Model 994 is a compact microcomputer-based instrument utilizing Florite universal I/O technology enabling the use of any manufacturer’s flow meters and actuators accompanied by a two year warranty.  The instrument’s universal I/O technology allows the user to configure the screw terminal ports enabling any mix of input and or outputs regardless of the signal type.  This instrument also boasts .005% ultra high accuracy PID, batch, dose, and mixing control.  Additionally, the 994 encompasses onboard data logging, easy step-by-step menu navigation and programming, multiple alarm functions per port, serial RS-232, LWAN (modem) communication, and a high contrast backlit display all within a 3/16 DIN enclosure. An ideal process control or monitoring instrument when panel space is minimal.

It provides unattended multi-port multi-parameter logging, process control, precision measurement, monitoring, and data communications for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

994 Features:

  •    Innovative universal I/O ports
  •    3/16 DIN Enclosure
  •    Standard PID, batch & dose control
  •    Dual totalizers per port, rates and scalar values
  •    Onboard data logger
  •    Easy menu navigation & programming
  •    Multiple alarm functions
  •    LAN & WAN operation/reporting
  • High contrast backlit display

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