Neptune T.G. Water Meter

Neptune T.G. Water Meter Neptune T.G. Water Meter

Neptune T-10 cold water meters are time proven for accuracy and dependability. While other mechanical-type and static-type meters are limited in low flow registration due to the technology type or through the use of an electronic low flow cutoff, the Neptune T-10 – with its nutating disc technology – can detect leaks at extremely low flow rates.

All T-10 meters are Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) capable and are easily upgradeable from direct read registers to include pulse, analog, or any of Neptune’s absolute encoder registers. The T-10 family of positive displacement meters utilizes a nutating disc measuring chamber and a floating chamber design.

In addition to having the nutating disc’s floating chamber design, all T-10 cold water meters meet or exceed the latest AWWA C700 Standard and are NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G and Annex F certified in all sizes from 5/8″ thru 2″.

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1. T-10 Meter Sizes: 5/8″, 3/4″, And 1″
2. TRICONS/S Register
3. T-10 Meter Sizes: 1 1/2″, And 1″
4. TRICONS/E Transmiter