Burkert 8030 Series

Burkert Paddle Wheel

Burkert Paddle Wheel Sensor Bodies and Electronics

The complete Type 8035 INLINE transmitter consists of a compact body with an integrated paddle wheel (Type SO30) and an electronics module (Type SE35).

The paddle wheel is set into motion by the medium flow, and generates a flow proportional frequency signal in the transducer, which is converted into various output signals in the transmitter electronics.

The transmitter provides standard or pulsed output signals that are proportional to the flow.

In addition, the transmitter can be fitted with a flow indicator, 2 totalizers (main and daily count) for measuring quantities, and 2 adjustable switching relays. When fitted with 2 limit value relays, the transmitter becomes a flow switch.

A battery driven unit can be used for the effective display of the totalizers and the flow rate.

The batching version is equipped with 2 totalizers, 2 relays and 3 dosing modes (via keyboard, via the binary inputs, pulse width modulated via a PLC).

The convenient, multi-language operating menu contains special functions such as user friendly “Teach-in” for the K-factor correction, flow simulation for the “dry process test” etc.

The Type 8035 is suitable for use with neutral and aggressive liquids.

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1. INLINE Flow Transmitter/ Batching Unit