Angle “Y” Pattern

Burkert 2000 Series Angle Pattern

Burkert 2000 Series Angle Pattern Externally Piloted Shut Off Valve

The externally piloted angle–seat valve is operated with a single or double–acting
piston actuator. The actuator is available in two different materials, depending on
the ambient temperature.High flow rates are attained with the virtually straight flow path.
The reliable self–adjusting packing gland provides high sealing integrity.These maintenance-free and robust valves can be retrofitted with a comprehensive range of accessories for position indication, stroke limitation or manual override.Flow to open valves are anti–waterhammer design (the line pressure dampens the closing).

Flow to close valves for gases and steam can generally use smaller actuators, at a
lower cost but may require higher air pilot pressure to open, and may have a lower flow capacity Cv. (see pressure charts).

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1. 2000 Angle–Seat 2/2–way Angle–Seat Valve with NPT ends for media up to 365°F (185°C) 1/2″ – 2 1/2″
2. 2000 Y–Pattern Valve, 1/2” – 2” Water and 150 PSI Steam
3. 2/2-way Angle-Seat Valve for high-quality cryogenic applications and steam
4. Type 2000~2031 Accessories Modular Option Package
5. 6014P 3/2-way Direct Mounting Pilot Valve