8327 Pressure Sensor

Burkert 8327 Pressure Sensors

Burkert 8327 Hazardous Service Pressure Transmitter

This intrinsically safe pressure transmitter is designed to cover the majority of industrial applications in the field of industrial pressure measurement technology. High accuracy, reliability, compatibility with most media, adjustability,versatility, compact design and robust construction make this instrument universal and suitable for different measurement functions in hazardous environments.

For technical reasons piezoresistive sensor element is used for measuring ranges up to 16 bar (thin film sensor element for the measuring range of 25 bar, on request).

Wetted parts are made of stainless steel and completely welded. Internal seal elements, which could restrict the choice of measuring materials, are excluded.

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1. 8327 Pressure transmitter for hazardous environments, 0 – 25 bar