Burkert 8202 pH & ORP

Burkert 8202 pH & ORP Transmitter

Burkert “ELEMENT” Series pH or O.R.P. Transmitter

The Burkert 8202 transmitter is a compact, but modular device, specially designed for measuring the pH or O.R.P. value of fluids.This transmitter consists of a replaceable standard 120 mm pH or O.R.P. probe, screwed in a sensor holder with integrated Pt1000 temperature sensor.

This ensemble is plugged-in and screwed with a nut to an IP67 enclosure containing the electronic module with cover and a removable display.This design simplifies maintenance work.

The pH/ORP transmitter can operate independent of the display, but the display will be required for programming the transmitter (i.e. selection of pH or O.R.P. sensor type, measuring range, engineering units…) and also for visualizing continuously the measured and processed data.

The 8202 “ELEMENT”is available with three fully programmable outputs : two transistor and one 2-wire 4-20 mA current outputs. It is also available with four fully programmable outputs: two transistor and two 3-wire 4-20 mA current outputs.

The “ELEMENT” 8202 converts the measured signal, displays different values in different units (if display mounted) and computes the output signals, which are provided via one or two M12 fixed connectors.

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1. 8202 pH or O.R.P. Transmitter
2. INSERTION Adaptor for analysis
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