330 & 331 Series

Burkert 330 & 331 Series

Burkert 330 Series NPT Porting

The Type 0330 is a direct-acting 2/2 or 3/2 way pivoted armature solenoid valve with a wide range of circuit functions. It is available in Brass or Stainless Steel with 1/4″ NPT port connections. The solenoid assembly and the medium are separated by a diaphragm system.The valve is fast-acting and has a long service life, even in non-lube conditions.

Burkert 331 Series Manifold Mounting

The Type 0331 is a direct-acting 3/2 way pivoted armature sub-base mounting version of the 330 series solenoid valve.The solenoid assembly and the media chamber are separated from one another by a separating diaphragm system.The valve is fast acting and has a long service life, even when run dry.

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1. 2/2 or 3/2-way Solenoid Valve, with pivoted armature and isolating diaphragm
2. 3/2–way Solenoid Valve sub–base connection