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Premium Quality Replacement Filter Cartridges

Hurricane® Cartridges, SureSafe™ Cartridges, NSF Listed Cartridges, Premium & WaterBetter® Cartridges, Calypso Blue™ Cartridges, Poly-Pleat™ Cartridges, All Poly/High Purity Cartridges, High Temperature Cartridges, High flow, high surface area, 2-1/2” O.D. pleated cartridges designed for Harmsco® and competitive filter housings, 4-1/2” O.D. pleated cartridges designed for Harmsco® HIF, Band Clamp and single cartridge housings, Premium Series offers up to 12 sq.ft. of media per 9-3/4” length, WaterBetter® Series 9.5 sq. ft.

Low initial pressure drop provides longer filter life 9-3/4”, 10”, 20”, 30” and 40” lengths; Polyester, Harmsco-Free™ and Poly-Pleat™ media, High Temperature cartridges available.

All cartridges shrink wrapped, Lowest cost per filtered gallon based on surface area 2-1/2” and 2-3/4” O.D. pleated cartridges designed for Harmsco® HIF, Band Clamp, and competitive housings.

Broad chemical compatibility Antimicrobial media prohibits bacteria and mold growth on cartridge. Hurricane®, HAC and WaterBetter® Carbon cartridges for high chlorine, taste, odor, lead, THM and organic chemical removal.

Pleated one micron absolute cartridges for safe, cyst-free drinking water Pleated polyester or cellulose phenolic media Available in: Polypropylene – PP; Polyethersulfone – PES; Membrane; Microfiberglass – FG; Nylon 6,6 – NY and Plus + Nylon 6,6 – NYP; Teflon – TF Membrane and Polysulfone (PS) Agion Silver Zeolite is FDA tested and registered with the EPA Available in DOE, 222 w/Fin, 222 w/Flat Cap, 226 w/Flat Cap, 226 w/Fin, 213 Internal O-Ring

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1. Premium SureSafe Cartridges
2. Poly-Pleat Series Filter Cartridges
3. Premium Hurricane All-Poly Cartridges
4. Premium Hurricane Polyester Cartridges
5. Premium Carbon Cartridges
6. Premium Polyester Series Cartridges
7. Premium 701 Series Filter Cartridges
8. Calypso Blue Cartridges
9. WaterBetter Polyester Series Cartridges