Krohne Optiflux Series

OPTIFLUX  1000 –  6000  One for all applications

With just one signal converter and the widest range of flow sensors, the OPTIFLUX covers all applications, from a simple water measurement to corrosive or abrasive products or even pulp in the paper industry. Simplified engineering, procurement and inventory lead to cost-savings for the user. This new concept marks a new era, and is the result of more than 40 years’ experience in electromagnetic flowmetering.

Sets the standards in electromagnetic flowmetering

Using brand new technology has enabled us to increase the measuring performance of OPTIFLUX even further. These improvements are particularly useful where today’s meters begin to capitulate. Examples of this include very low conductivity, measurement of rapid product changes with corresponding changes in pH or the measurement of pulp in the paper industry.

Download or View Below Product Literature :

1. OPTIFLUX 1000 Technical Datasheet
2. OPTIFLUX 2000 Technical Datasheet
3. OPTIFLUX 4000 Technical Datasheet
4. OPTIFLUX 5000 Technical Datasheet
5. OPTIFLUX 6000 Technical Datasheet
6. OPTIFLUX 7300 Technical Datasheet
7. IFC 070 Technical Datasheet
8. IFC 100 Technical Datasheet