CPV O-Seal Fittings


 CPV O-Seal Fittings

O-SEAL (Pipe) & MARK VIII (Tubing) Fittings

CPV O-SEAL System flat-faced tube & pipe fittings  for unlimited break-remake leakproof flexibility. The O-SEAL System of separable tube and pipe fittings offers a variety of end connection configurations to allow versatile pipe & tubing design flexibility.  The union nut found in all O-SEAL System union connections is used to join two mating fittings…a tailpiece and a threaded piece or   valve body.  In this way variety of end connections types and styles may be specified.  Brazed/Welded or threaded connections are available in pipe and/or tube sizes in any combination. In all cases the  O-SEAL System provides leakproof reliability from vacuum to 6000 psi with unlimited break-remake flexibility.

At the heart of each union end connection is the CPV O-SEAL O-ring.  Sealing is accomplished by the  O-ring, which is recessed in a close-tolerance grove in one of the two mating metal pieces.  When tightened, the union nut compresses the O-ring to provide an initial seal between the static metal surfaces.  As the line pressure increases, the O-ring is pressed against the outer wall of the groove, effectively sealing even minute surface voids and assuring a leakproof connection.

O-SEAL end connections can be specified in nearly 40 different types and styles including elbows, tees and crosses and in pipe and tube sizes from 1/8” to 2”.

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