Burkert 8221

8221 Sensor with 8285 Modular Analysis TransmitterBurkert 8221 Sensor

8221 Sensor with 8285 Modular Analysis Transmitter

The 8221 Hygienic conductivity sensors are used to determine electrical conductivity in
solutions. Due to their hygienic design and the robust layout, these conductivity sensors are suitable for use under demanding conditions in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and the general chemical industry. The sensors are based on the 4-electrode principle which excludes polarization phenomena normally observed with 2-electrode sensors. The engineered design guarantees an excellent linearity over a wide conductivity range of more than 6 decades. An integrated temperature sensor (Pt1000) is a
standard feature of all versions.

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1. 8221 Conductivity sensor for hygienic process applications
2. 8285 Modular analysis transmitter for pH/ORP, conductivity measurement
3. 8619 multiCELL – Multifunction Transmitter/Controller