Burkert 8205 pH

Burkert 8205 pH Transmitter / Controller

Burkert 8205 pH Transmitter / Controller

The pH-transmitter compactly combines a pH sensor and transmitter with display in splashproof plastic NEMA 4 (IP 65) enclosure. The sensor component consists of a replaceable combination pH-electrode, screwed into the sensor housing.

The measured signal is conveyed to the controller via a coax plug. The Pt1000 for automatic temperature compensation is a standard feature in the sensor housing of the compact version.The transmitter component converts the measured signal and displays the actual value.

Easily integrated into existing and new process systems, the Type 8205 Transmitter unit features a 4–20 mA output signal of process value, two optional relay outputs and easy calibration.

The transmitter is easy to program and calibrate via three input keys and menu–driven screens that also enable individual calibrations of all measuring ranges.

The unique “SIMULATE” function allows the user to temporarily simulate a set pH while conducting maintenance or sensor calibration. This eliminates nuisance alarms and incorrect pH readings in a networked distributed control system while the pH transmitter maintenance or calibration is conducted.

  • The sensor component can also be remotely panel or wall mounted. It has a Pt1000 temperature sensor (if desired) for automatic temperature compensation.
  • The Type 8205 Transmitter systems are available in three different remote mounting configurations:in–line, submersion and wet tap.
  • These kits include all necessary components to use the 8205 series pH transmitter in a tank pH–monitoring configuration.
  • The system item number includes the probe, fittings, 25´ of cable, and a panel or wall mount transmitter that can be mounted in a variety of locations.

The only parts not included are PVC pipe and fittings for your custom mounting application.

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1. 8205 Digital pH–Transmitter
2. 8200 Probe holders – with pH/O.R.P. probes
3. 8205Digital pH–Controller
4. INSERTION fitting for flow measurement or analysis